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Vibrational Energy I


Everything in the world has a vibrational constitution, varying from extremely dense to light. In comparison to a material object, the Human Energy System is very light; an object like a chair, for example, is very dense.

The vibrational level varies from person to person, depending upon the combined density of their Energy Fields. The Human Energy System is an intricate structure of physical and non-physical patterns and forms. These non-physical structures are sometimes referred to as "subtle energies" and electromagnetic fields.
A prominent aspect of the non-physical is the Etheric Body, and its energy "vibrates at speeds beyond light velocity." The Etheric is the energetic blueprint for the Physical Body and contains the Chakras (Prime Energy Centers) and the Nadis (Energy pathways overlying the Nervous System).

Every organ, physiologic system, and nerve pathway has a vibrational frequency, and these vibrational energies can be sensed and healing effected via the Etheric Energy Fields. By "clearing" lower vibrational energies (such as fear, anxiety, stress and trauma) from the Energy Fields, vitality and flow can be restored in the Human Energy System.

Offerings of this class:
  • Introduction to the Etheric and Energy Fields, including Chakras, Meridians, and Nadis
  • Sensing and Effecting Energy Flow
  • Clearing Restrictions in the Flow
  • Recognizing Vibrational Resonance (Quantity & Quality)
  • Meditation and Increased Conscious Awareness
  • Soul Alignment for Healing & Daily Life
  • Class Manual with Charts and References included