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Fields of Consciousness VI


Fascia is the connective tissue, which binds together our body structures. It connects the nerve fibers with the muscles and the whole body. The treatment flow expands from the nadis in the etheric to the nerves in the physical to the fascia of the body.

Ether, Earth, Air, Water, and Fire are the elements that reflect in our body as the etheric, fascia, breath, fluids, and metabolism respectively. These base elements connect the flow of our health from the past, present, and future, through our daily life choices, emotional tides, thought processes, and use of time and energy. Our endocrine system is particularly sensitive to these elements and thereby affects our fluid flow and metabolism (way the body uses energy).

We can affect our health and healing through our food and exercise choices, our emotional patterns, and the recognition of our negative and position thought forms. It's all about conscious choice, and we have the power to shift patterns that are no longer serving our highest good.

These are some of the offerings:

  • Expanding applications of the HPA Axis (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenals) with the whole Endocrine System

  • Introducing the Fascia--the Connective Tissue

  • Balancing Fluid Flows (cerebral, cranial, spinal, vascular)

  • Working with the Spleen

  • Balancing the Emotional-Mental Connection & Flow

  • Strengthening the Mind Body Connection

  • Exploring Threads of Consciousness from the Past to the Present to the Future

  • Revisiting the Hemispheres

Prerequisites: Class open to students who have taken the FOC V.

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