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Fields of Consciousness Treatment Class II

"Life & Death"

Class: Open to Students who have taken through the FOC V class

Birth-Life-Death are the basic cycle of everything. The cycle begins with the conception of an idea or interaction. A seed is planted; it grows; a plant blooms and lives; and then it dies. And the cycle begins all over again.

This class explores the aspects of death energetically and esoterically and offers some different perspectives to its experience. We explore the processes of understanding the death process, how to recognize, support, and assist it. Some client cases are discussed to assist the recognition of the many facets connected with the deathing process. 

The birth aspect of the cycle includes discussion about working inutero, along with a few client cases. The day ends with a group re-birthing experience welcoming in the New Year and new personal energies. And so it is!

These are some of the offerings:

  • Beginning Meditation & General FOC Treatment

  • Recognizing a deathing pattern

  • Assisting a more peaceful process and transition

  • Viewing the death process esoterically with the Permanent Atoms

  • Discussing karma and the law of cause and effect

  • Working inutero to release trauma and reset patterning

  • Sharing a re-birthing experience

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