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Fields of Consciousness I


The Fields of Consciousness classes enhance awareness, consciousness, health, and healing by working through the subtle energy fields to discover what is restricting their flow and what will support their wholeness. 

Dr. David Hawkins states, "Enlightenment is merely the emergence of truth when the obstructions to the realization of that truth have been removed. By analogy, the shining of the sun is not conditional upon the removal of the clouds; it merely becomes apparent." And so in the FOC work, we clear the "cloud coverage" so the light of our essence can shine brightly!

All energy work is done through the subtle energy fields. The Etheric Field and Nadis are the densest expression of the Spiritual. The nervous system and nerve pathways are the highest vibratory aspect of the physical. The point of intersection of the Etheric and Nadis with the nervous system is the place where Spirit and Matter meet. In FOC I, students will discover new and exciting ways of effecting significant and lasting shifts in overall health, well being, and consciousness by working with the nerve pathways, nadis, and the Etheric field.

We each experience various restrictions in the Etheric, Astral, Mental, and Soul aspects of our being. We may have "learned behaviors" or carry unconscious family, social, or cultural patterns of fearful living, false perceptions of truth, and self/Self restricting energies. Devitalizing energies, such as anxiety, stress, trauma, and fear can be cleared or neutralized in our various subtle body fields and effect increased balance and vitality in our chakras and energy usage. Fields of Consciousness energy work brings a truly dynamic way of healing the relationship between one's inner and outer worlds and provides ways to support Self development on all levels.

Here are some of the offerings of the FOC I Class:

  • Understanding the Etheric Body and Power of the Nadi-Nerve Pathways

  • Learning to "Clear & Neutralize" the Emotional and Mental Subtle Bodies

  • Effecting Healing via the Nadi-Nerve Pathways

  • Releasing Devitalizing Energies & Patterns

  • Using the Chakras as a Source of Information to validate decisions and health

  • Accessing Esoteric Biology for Hydration,

  • Metabolism, & System Functioning

Prerequisites: This class is open to students who have taken Vibrational Energy Healing I and II or Esoteric Healing classes. A working knowledge and experience with the subtle energies is primary.

Registration for FOC I

Saturday & Sunday, October 15 & 16, 2022

Date: Saturday & Sunday, October 15 & 16, 2022

Time: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm (Sunday until 1:00 pm)

New Student Cost: $240 Pay online >>

Retake Fee: $115 Pay online >>

Location: Okemos, Michigan



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Presenter: Deborah Graham has been studying and working in the healing arts for over 30 years as a teacher and healing practitioner. With each client and class, there is an active pursuit of knowledge and its application to serve health and wholeness. Bridging science and the Soul, Deborah applies energetic principles to effect balancing shifts on all levels. She created the cd, "Meditations to Relax into Silence" and developed a series of courses called "Fields of Consciousness" and “Vibrational Energy.”

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