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Energy Therapy

The Energy Therapy session is done through the non-physical structures*, known as the subtle energies or subtle bodies (etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual). The physical body is accessed via the subtle bodies to connect with individual nerves and the central nervous system which activate and coordinate the entire human form. Although there is no physical touch, some people experience sensations or shifts and movements in the body.

The session is one hour and includes 10-15 minutes of initial discussion of healing desires and intentions, 30-40 minutes of the energy treatment, and then 10-15 minutes of discussion afterwards. Insights and suggestions are shared to support daily health and living. Some benefits that have been expressed and experienced from an Energy Therapy session are: relaxation, a sense of feeling lighter and softer, a refined awareness of self and surroundings, relief from pain and distress, understanding and new perspectives of one's life experiences, inspiration, renewal, and vitality.

*Note: As this work is done through the non-physical structures, it can be experienced absentee too, or said differently, from a distant location.

For more information or to schedule a session, contact Deborah Graham 517-333-8662

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