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Destress & Relax with Meditation and Breathing Exercises

Meditation is the practice of maintaining a peaceful silent presence in an active environment. 

This class introduces the theory and practice of Meditation. How does it work? What are the benefits? We discuss these questions and the facets of meditation. It has been demonstrated through various studies that meditation can be used to slow the heart rate, decrease stress, and regulate breathing. 

We focus on different themes using breathing exercises and meditation practices related to Awareness, Focus, Consciousness, and Presence. Handouts provided.

Meditation is a tool for increasing the quality of daily life. It can improve one's vitality and outlook on life. Learning to respond to life rather than react can also be a long term benefit of meditation. There are no prerequisites; everyone is welcome to attend! 

Some class offerings include:

  • Various Types of Mediation

  • Discussion of Mindfulness

  • Exploring the Mind-Body Connection

  • Breathing Exercises 

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