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Class Offerings

Various classes are offered, and some of them include meditation, Esoteric Healing, Fields of Consciousness Healing, and other topics supporting health, healing, and well being. Deborah has taught classes and presented lectures both nationally and internationally.

Fields of Consciousness

Part 1: Introduction to Fields Balancing, the Etheric Network, and Nadi-Nerve Pathways for Healing

Part 2: Expansion of the Nadi-Nerve Applications Through the Etheric Network with Systems, Relations & Group Energies

Part 3: Deepening the Nadi-Nerve Applications with Systems, Organs, and Neural Pathways

Part 4: Exploring Nadi-Nerve Pathways of the Brain, the Heart, and the Body

Part 5: Connecting Nadi-Nerve Origins, Nerve Roots, and Primal Structures and Patterns

Part 6: Connecting the Past, Present and Future with Threads of Consciousness 

Part 7: Healing Deep Within Our Core

Part 8: Discovering Nadi-Nerve Pathways for Deep Release & Greater Presence

Part 9: Accessing Nadi-Nerve Pathways for Transformation and Integration

Part 10: Recognizing Nadi Nerve Pathways for Renewal and Liberation

Part 11: Shifting Nadi Nerve Pathways for Inner Peace and Outer Balance

Part 12: Aligning Nadi Nerve Pathways for Deeper Awareness Within and Around

FOC Treatment Classes

Vibrational Energy

Part 1: Introduction to the Human Energy System & Sensing its Energy Field

Part 2: Introduction to the Human Energy System & Sensing its Energy Field

Donna Eden Energy

Quick, Simple, Easy, Fun, Energizing, Balancing, Healing, Empowering, Enjoyable

Just for Fun!

Introduction to the theory and practice of Meditation

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