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The Donna Eden* Five-Minute Energy Techniques


Quick, Simple, Easy, Fun, Energizing, Balancing, Healing, Empowering, Enjoyable

Learn six simple techniques that can bring many benefits when done daily.

  • Some benefits experienced are increased vitality, relaxation, reduced fatigue, and stress release.

  • Balancing occurs with the chakras, the meridians, the cerebral hemispheres, and the overall energy flow.

  • These energy exercises can be learned by anyone.

  • They are balancing, healing, and fun!! I guarantee you will laugh or at the very least smile as you learn them.

*Donna Eden is the author of the book, Energy Medicine, and has taught hundreds of classes worldwide about the body's energy system and treated over 10,000 clients. She can clairvoyantly see the body's subtle energies and has shown others how to work with them joyfully and effectively. Although Deborah is not a certified Eden Practitioner, she has studied with Donna and joyfully shares these energy exercises with others.

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